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Full Grooms:
Small dogs: Our full grooms start at $45 depending on the the breed and coat.
Medium dogs: Our grooms start at $55 depending on the breed and coat.
Large dogs: Full Grooms start at $65, depending on the breed and coat
Extra Large dogs: (85lbs and up) Full grooms start at $75 depending on the breed and coat.
Feline grooms: please call for prices. 
Note: There will be an up-charge for de-matting.  This starts at $10 and may increase due to the extra time added to the groom. 
Mini Grooms:
Start at $35 and up.
Includes, bath and brush/blow out (with everything included in a normal bath). 
Also,a trim of the feet, face, ears, tail and sanitary.    
Include ear cleaning/hair removal, anal gland expression, nail cut and dremel/grinding, all natural calming lavender shampoo and a brush/blow out.
We finish up with a spritz of refreshing cologne and a clients choice of a  bandanna, bow or bow tie.
Small Dogs: start at $25
Medium Dogs: Start at $30
Large Dogs: Start at $40
Extra Large Dogs: Start at $50  
All bath prices depend on the breed 
Note: If fleas are found during any service, for all the pets health and safety, we will give your pet a flea and tick bath.  This will be a charge of $8.

Add On Services:
Shedless Treatment: Starting at $10 and up according to size
Blueberry Facial: $5
Itch Fix: $5
Oatmeal/Medicated: $5
Furminator: $15
Pawdicure: $5
Flea and Tick Treatment: $8